Sleep Apnoea is a very common and serious disorder that may cause you to stop breathing during sleep.

This is due to the airway repeatedly becoming blocked and limiting the amount of air that reaches your lungs. This may cause you to snore very loudly or you may start developing chocking noises as you try and breathe.

If you don’t treat sleep apnoea you are limiting the amount of oxygen to your brain and body and it will affect your overall health and wellbeing.

Let’s dive a little deeper and identify the types of sleep apnoea. There are mainly two types;

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA); this is a blockage of the main airway, soft tissue in the back of the throat that collapses during sleep.

Central sleep apnoea; Unlike Obstructive sleep apnoea the airway is not blocked, however the brain doesn’t signal the relevant muscles to breathe, this is due to the instability in the respiratory control centre.

According to ‘WebMD’ the most people at risk for Sleep Apnoea are;
• Being male
• Overweight
• Over the age of 40
• Having a large neck (17 inches or more in men and 16 inches or more in women)
• Having large tonsils, a large tongue, or small jaw bone • If you have family history of sleep apnoea • Gastroesophageal reflux • Nasal obstruction due to a deviated septum, allergies or sinus problems.

If you leave Sleep Apnoea untreated you may be at risk of developing;
• High blood pressure
• Stroke
• Heart Failure or irregular heart beat
• Diabetes
• Depression
• Headaches

*please consult your doctor for your complete health diagnosis.

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